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Kareena was born and raised on the East Coast where, at a young age, she acquired both a love of nature living in the beautiful Connecticut countryside as well as a passion for live theatre and the cultural experience that nearby New York City had to offer.
It was her love of theatre and the fine arts that propelled Kareena to attend and graduate from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NY, NY. 
Kareena has worked on various independent films, primetime TV, and live theatre and strives for realism in her work. 
To this day, she loves mixing the dichotomy of the countryside and the city life of New York and Los Angeles.   She loves both coasts and considers New York and Los Angeles home.
When Kareena is not working on her craft, she enjoys jogging/hiking in the canyons, tennis, and yoga.  She has traveled extensively with trips throughout Europe and Asia and embraces other cultures and being connected on a global level.  Kareena is a proud supporter of the American Cancer Society and actively participates in raising awareness and increased research and development surrounding the fight for the cure. 
She looks forward to attending the Sundance and Mammoth Film Festivals each year, where she can combine her love of film and the best snow on earth!


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