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Kareena Clark


Height:  5’4”

Weight:  102 lbs

Eyes:  Blue/Green

Hair:  Golden Blonde
Graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts NY, NY
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Willing to travel, Active Passport

Film & Television

Dreamcatcher                         VIP Hostess                     Jacob Johnston 

The Film                                  Starlet (lead)                    Lisa deSouza

Diplomatic Ties                       Agent Madison (Lead)      Steve Hosford, Dir. 

Design of the Heart                 Christy (Lead)                  Steve Hosford, Dir. 

Legal Grounds                        Heather (Lead)                 CYR Production

Reflexion                                 Woman (Lead)                 Dawn Cobalt, Dir. – Future View Films

It Should Have Been Me         Jennifer (Lead)                Dawn Cobalt, Dir. – Future View Films
Reserved For                          Supporting                       Shannon Bucci, Dir. - LAFR

Committed                               Girlfriend (Supporting)    Dawn Cobalt.Dir. – Future View Films

The Bold And The Beautiful     U-5                                 CBS

Las Vegas                                Co-Star                           NBC


Steel Magnolias                               Shelby (Lead)       The Manny Greenfield Theatre, NY
Shooting Stars                                 Tammy (Lead)      The Manny Greenfield Theatre, NY
Butterflies are Free                          Jill (Lead)              Lester Martin Theatre, NY, NY
Antigone                                           Ismene                 The Manny Greenfield Theatre, NY
Between Daylight and Boonesville   Carla                    The Manny Greenfield Theatre, NY

Time and The Conways                   Joan                     Lester Martin Theatre, NY

Commercial & Industrial Clients

Cosmetic World                          Lead                       Siinji Productions

Mechant                                     Model                      Palisades of California Inc.

Voice Over

Cosmetic World                                  VO                  Siinji Productions

5R Lipolysis Vibration Exercise          VO                  Siinji Productions

Education & Training

American Academy of Dramatic Arts  NY, NY

Pearlman Acting Academy Los Angeles, CA

Acting Pros, Los Angeles, CA  - On Camera Audition Technique

Ivana Chubbuck Studio, Los Angeles, CA  - Scene Study 

Margie Haber Studio, Los Angeles, CA  - Audition Technique 

John Swanbeck Studio, Los Angeles, CA - On Camera Class

Brian Reise Studio, Los Angeles, CA - Acting Studio

Camera Left/ Stage Right, Los Angeles, CA - Commercial Class

Carolyne Barry Creative, Los Angeles, CA  -Commercial Master Class

Film Acting Studio, NY, NY - Cold Reading, Monologue Technique, Scene Study, & Stage Reading Workshop

Daniel Knowles, Los Angeles, CA  -Vocal Coaching

Tom Sheppard, NY, NY- Vocal Coaching 

SAG-AFTRA Conservatory

Special Skills

Black Diamond Downhill Skiier





Horseback Riding (English&Western)

Driving skills: Stick Shift


New York, Southern American, British, French language

Telepromter Proficient

Holder of Valid US Passport


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